Night, now.
Close your eyes, look at the ocean,
your skin feels the air so warm and dark.
The surf relaxes, limbs
of water burrow the sand,
shifts the water and wind.

Back and forth
the waves crash—
on your frame,
your body, your form,
rocks back and rocks forth,
the large hand holds you,
pounding with the notes
of a virtuoso, the notes
of lungs, such power, such grace,
they engulf our world,
a voice as deep as your
oldest memory,
this water that takes you all in
and tosses you back
to this engulfing power,
the thudding waves
that hush your mind.

When did we leave this water?
Did we have to thin our lives—
because we could not stand its strength?
Did we grow feet and leave our God behind?
Release—the ocean’s call will soothe your mind.


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